Happy to Announce : Eden Nursery Gardens is INDIA'S FIRST ORGANIC NURSERY, Certified by Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products (ISCOP)
Eden Nursery Gardens
Clonal plantlets in lime, papaya, curry leaf, potato, etc
Specialist in Developing clonal plantlets in species which are difficult to root, Developing new plantations, Landscaping and gardening
─ Ln.S.Rajarathnam B.F.Tech,(M.F.Tech)(Farm Technology), Innovator - Leaf Culture
Nursery Products:
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Botanical Name: Melia Dubia

Tamil Name: Malai Vembu

Common Name: Malabar Neem

Botanical Name: Jasminum Sambac

Tamil Name: Gundu Malli, Malligai

Common Name: Jasmine

Botanical Name: Nerium Oleander

Tamil Name: Arali

Botanical Name: Jasminam grandiflorum

Tamil Name: Fathimullai

Common Name: Fathimalli

Botanical Name: Citrus aurandifolia

Tamil Name: Yelumichai

Botanical Name: Ixora

Tamil Name: Idlippoo

Botanical Name: Punica Granatum

Tamil Name: Maathulai

Common Name: Pomegranate

Botanical Name: Jasminum auriclatum

Tamil Name: Mullai, Muthu Mullai
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